World’s most expensive tea comes from panda poo

Nov 14, 2011 · 1985 views

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First it was the Civets turning their poo into coffee, but now it’s the Panda’s turn. Apparently Panda’s don’t do a very good job of digesting food, in fact only absorbing about 30% of what […]


  1. mododavid says:

    No. A college lecturer is not the same as a college professor in China or any other country. In the US college professors teach most of the classes at Universities, but they also have to do research and “publish or perish”, etc. There are “instructors” here at the college level who ONLY teach classes and are not professors nor on the tenure track – – – THAT is what a lecturer is at international Universities. Professors are all professors everywhere.

    Panda poo coffee sounds like it tastes like poo. Blech.

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