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VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Screams at Paparazzo!

Any day now she’ll be starring the the remake of “The Legend of Billie Jean.”

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PHOTO: Lance Bass’ Obscure Friend Can’t Handle the Paparazzi

Kind of funny to watch someone who nobody knows who the hell they are get upset over having their photo taken. They were after Lance you big dummy. Oh and when did Lance Bass start […]

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PHOTOS: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Beard

For a minute I thought they were talking about his new romantic interest actress Rachel Bilson. Do you think he looks good in this hipster amish beard?

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VIDEO: Amazing Teenage Boy’s Cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi

One wonderful thing about YouTube (and the internet for that matter) is that it can quickly draw attention to amazing people who might never otherwise be discovered, or even known for their talent. Truly remarkable. […]

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Lady Gaga: Plastic Surgery, Weight Loss, or New Makeup Artist?

Somewhere between the Paparazzi and Bad Romance videos, one of three things happened.  Lady Gaga has either gotten plastic surgery, lost weight, or drastically changed the way her makeup is done.

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