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FOF #2206 – Showgirl Confidential

Pleasant Gehmen has had an incredible life: as a little girl she got in trouble turning men’s nudie magazines into pamphlets she’d sell at recess. Later, she went on to work as a stripper, belly dancer and now a paranormal investigator!

Listen as Pleasant Gehman joins us to tell truly outrageous stories from her new book Showgirl Confidential– on her life onstage, backstage and on the road.

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FOF #1642 – The Sixth Sense

In reality, people posses all sorts of incredible abilities. Today we’re talking about the real sixth sense– incredible ways our bodies can understand the world around it based on subtle cues, scents and smells.

Although technically it isn’t mind reading, ovulating women have the world’s best gaydar, some people can see colors that others can’t and and everyone can really smell your fear.

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A Big Gay Holywood Haunting!

There is a weekly podcast put out by public radio called “The Moth”. Basically people go up on a stage for an event with the same name (The Moth). They must tell stories live with […]

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