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FOF #2892 – The Golden Girls Get An All Black Cast

Knock Knock! Who’s there? Phyllis. Phyillis who? Phyllis your Census form!

Have you signed up for the 2020 Census? If you didn’t, the Golden Girls reboot has a message for you- fill out the census and get counted for the government services your community deserves.

Today, comedian Matt Brown joins us to take a look at the recast of Golden Girls with an all black cast starring Alfree Woodard, Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King. Who would you cast in a dream team of all time legendary black women?

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FOF #2883 – Ben Widdicombe: How I Helped the Rich become Famous and Ruin the World

For much of history, the rich and powerful avoided the limelight because they knew once everyone knows your name and how rotten you are, the guillotine comes next.

But then, something changed- “Keep my name out of your mouth” became “fake it til you make it” and fame and power became the ultimate goal. The rich hired publicists to capitalize on their image and now celebrity culture is another tool to keep terrible people in power.

How did we get here?

Today, gossip reporter Ben Widdicombe, joins us to talk about how celebrity culture is destroying everything, which he details in his new book: “Gatecrasher: How I Helped the Rich Become Famous and Ruin the World.”

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FOF #1952 – The New Adventures of Courtney Act

Australian’s love drag queens and have contributed to many great moments in drag. Today we’re thrilled to have in the home studio Australia’s favorite drag queen Courtney Act.

Listen as we talk with Courtney about her wildly diverse sex life, her pragmatic approach to gender expression and which queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race really got on her nerves. Will Courtney Act be America’s Next Drag Superstar?

FOF #1664 – Paris Hilton Says the Darndest Things

The very funny Brian Sweeney joins to talk about why we might want to listen to Pairs HIlton when she says “Ewww! Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS” because because if anyone knows how to be disgusting and get AIDS, it’s her.

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An Excellent Use of Duct Tape

Adam Bouska silences Paris Hilton (finally) for his NOH8 Campaign.

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Rocker Crashes Paris Hilton’s Party and Makes Off With Her Birthday Cake

Paz the rocker crashed Paris Hilton’s birthday party and made off with her birthday cake. But it’s not really like the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” though as it appears there were two birthday cakes at […]

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PHOTO: Paris Hilton vs Jaws, Who Will Win?

Here is a recent picture by Bauer Griffin of Paris Hilton, the socialite everyone loves to hate. Thanks to Miguel from D-Listed, here’s what the photo should have been:

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FOF #1056 – The Mayor of Boystown

Bill Pritchard, the Chicago community organizer best known for his nickname “The Mayor of Boystown” talks about the gay scene in Chicago, clears up misconceptions, the hot guys he hangs with and why he’s always wearing those suits.

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FOF #816 – Market Days Madness

What a weekend! Chicago almost busted at the seams as over 200,000 people came from all parts of the world to hang out, celebrate and enjoy the perfect weather, music and sexy people walking around […]

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FOF #812 – Give Till it Hurts

We need your help! We’re trying to get our butts to San Francisco and Las Vegas and right now our ability to pay for the trip alone is woefully low. So we’re pulling out a […]

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