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FOF #2485 – Reading that Rainbow Girl

Thanks to Marriage Equality and changes in adoption laws, the number of same sex families with kids is exploding. As a result, there’s a huge need for LGBT friendly programming for children so bring on the drag queens.

Circus acrobat and drag queen Muffy Fishbasket is filling that void by literally reading to the children, in good way, at her Storytime with Drag Queens which is quickly becoming a hit at Chicago’s LGBT Center on Halsted.

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Don’t Mess with Patti LuPone

During the closing week of “Gypsy” on Broadway, Patti LuPone was heading into the climax of her song “Rose’s Turn” when the Broadway diva realized “you either have it… or you’ve had it.” And boy […]

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FOF #1153 – Wish I Were an #oscarweiners

This year’s Oscars with a new ranking-voting system. Our friend and movie buff Curtis Jensen shares with us his insights about the awards and how the new system impacts who wins.

Plus: Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin tear up the Windy City, a woman gets an unexpected breast augmentation, death by Sauna, breath by Chocolate, Killer whale woes and a letter from listeners in San Diego looking for a little friendship.

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FOF #784 – Mind the Gap

The success of the Center on Halsted, Chicago’s LGBT Community Center, has been met with some difficult challenges. Some of the people that need a place like the Center the most are the queer youth […]

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“Evita” Commercial (Plus! “Indira” Riposte)

“That’s right, Evita—stamp your feet and clap your hands…. She simply seduced a country!” Starring Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin. Act II: SCTV’s spoof, “Indira,” starring Andrea Martin, now appearing on Broadway in “Young Frankenstein.”

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