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FOF #2829 – Andie Main Takes a Look at Horrifying Animal Attacks

No matter how cute and cuddly animals look, most of them wouldn’t think twice about murdering you if given half the chance. You’d think we’d learn our lesson and keep our distance from them, but it seems some folks just have to jump into a giant aquarium with a killer whale.

Today comedian Andie Main joins us to take a look at terrifying and hilarious animal attacks that she’s talked about on her podcast People Enjoying Terrible Accidents.

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FOF #1680 – I’m Gonna Teach You How To Eat Things

The very funny Brian Sweeney joins us to look at how our dinner plate has become a battleground. Is the debate over vegans vs meat eaters distracting us from the serious issue of genetically modified foods and unsafe or unsustainable farming practices?

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FOF #1679 – The Secret of My Success

Movies and reality TV shows trick us into thinking that if we work hard enough, our dreams will come true. We can do anything if we just have the perfect training montage to push that boulder up the hill.

Our friend Brian Sweeney just lost his lucrative job working the layaway counter at a retail discount store, but that’s not going to stop him from getting what he wants out of life.

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FOF #1676 – Hard to Look At

Men’s locker rooms are a curious thing. You put enough guys together in a private space and sexy hijinks are bound to happen. Our friend Eric Clements recently had an unwelcome encounter in one he didn’t know how to handle, so today we’re helping him make sense of it.

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VIDEO: Rage Against Paul Ryan

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has said that he likes the band, Rage Against the Machine. But Rage Against the Machine doesn’t like Paul Ryan.

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Paul Ryan as RuPaul

Or is that RuPaul Ryan? I hope the Nation tells him to sashay away in November.

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The Munster Ticket

Creepy. The Republican presidential candidates look a lot like two of my favorite TV characters. Can someone find a photo of Dick Cheney looking like grandpa Munster?

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FOF #1636 – What a Crazy Pair

Inspired by the twisted fantasy of these two goons as a gay couple, cabaret singer Kyle Greer plays for us a wacky TV sitcom tribute to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

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FOF #1635 – Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan

Hey girl, did you hear? Over the weekend, Mitt Romney announced his BFF, the ultraconservative U.S. Representative Paul Ryan.

Today the very funny James Fritz shares his outrageous joke on Rick Santorum sexual appetite. Will Paul Ryan help Republicans, or is he just Sarah Palin in drag?

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