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FOF #2768 – Strawberry Shartcake Forever

For drag queens like Strawberry Shartcake, their mustache is not just a symbol of gender ambiguity, but like a cat’s whiskers, it’s a way they navigate the world around them. So what happens when a gig you’re dying to get requires you to shave it all off?

Today the mustachioed madam, drag queen, go-go dancer and regular in Peaches Christ’s productions, Strawberry Shartcake, joins us to talk about her sex and body positive gender blending ways.

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VIDEO: Poop Transplant

This poor guy was suffering from bowel problems so he got a poop transplant from his wife to get his gut bacteria back to normal and now he’s good as gold.

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Pooping Robot

Scientists have developed a robot that extracts energy from nutrients and then excretes the waste. Here’s the process- 1.The robot is fed a nutrient-filled "sewage" with plenty of minerals, salts, and vitamins. 2.The solution goes […]

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Retarded Puerile Sexy Fun Music

21 free tracks that range from the puerile to the filthy. Check out the most recent video under the vid tab, “Poop on Your Face,” which features sexy gay sploshing action.

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Poover Picks Up Dog Poop

It looks like  wet vac on a motorcycle. First it sparys the poop then it sucks it up. Now, I don’t even like emptying the regular vaccum, so  I don’t even want to imagine cleaning […]

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