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FOF #1340 – Gay Robots and Trans Bionic Beauties

In reality most robots are just fancy machines that help build stuff, or glorified sex dolls that help us get off. But in many sci-fi books and films, robots come off as kind of gay.

Joining us today is trans bionic beauty AJ Durand who mesmerizes audiences with his androgymous, robotic character, Trandroid.

VIDEO: California Won’t Let Santa Claus Get Gay Married

Time matters and the longer the California Supreme Court waits to decide if gay people can married or not, the more some people will suffer like this couple in this video. Ed Watson, who looks […]

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VIDEO: Craigslist TV “Getting Married”

Craigslist TV follows real people who have placed real ads on Craigslist. In this episode they follow Mike and Luca, a California couple in love and getting married by Reverand Starbuck, who they found on […]

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VIDEO: Nom’s Summer of Marriage

Here’s a video recap of NOM’s “Summer for Marriage: One Man, One Woman”

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FOF #1237 – Vampire Weekend

Respect to all the drag queens! On today’s show we fill you in on all the delicious hi-jinks of our trannylicious vampire weekend at the Chicago premier of “All About Evil.”

Plus, Politics and Activism blogger Phil Reese joins us to make sense of the stay on Prop 8, Mark Kirk’s ex-wife joins his campaign, Blago found guilty on only one charge and the Target Boycott.

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So gays are getting married in California tomorrow right? Not so fast, says the 9th Circuit Court. Judge Walker’s decision from his Northern California district Federal Court initially had no sort of limit blocking its […]

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FOF #1236 – Return of Coco Peru

It’s always a good time with Coco Peru, the drag queen best known for her work in the films Trick, Too Wong Foo and Girls Will Be Girls, as well as her unforgettable appearance on TV’s Will and Grace.

Join us as Coco talks with us about the status of her Spanish marriage after the repeal of Prop 8 in California, hustling for an audience in Provincetown and if there will ever be a sequel to the camp classic “Girls Will Be Girls.”

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FOF #1235 – Eat Drink Sex

Who needs to Eat, Pray and Love like Julia Roberts when you can recharge all sorts of fabulous ways and have a sexy good time?

Today we’re talking to Scott Gatz, gay dad, internet tycoon and CEO of Gay Cities, the gay travel community and city guide.

Listen as Scott shows us how to use Gay Cities and other social networks to find something amazing to do and so you can shut up about being bored all the time.

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VIDEO: William Tam Prop 8 Deposition

You couldn’t watch Mr. Tam at the Prop 8 trial but you can watch his deposition on Youtube as part of the evidence submitted by Judge Walker’s court. Watch the bigot using his own words. […]

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Mainstream Media hates gays who don’t hate themselves.

Did you hear that Judge Walker is gay? Sure you did. If you watched any of the coverage of the decision that Judge Walker wrote in Perry V Schwarzenegger striking down Prop 8, you heard […]

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