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FOF #2919 – Peaches Christ’s Very Own Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

2020 has been harder on working drag queens than Baby Jane Hudson was to her poor sister Blanche in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. If only we weren’t in this Covid pandemic. But you are Blanche, you are in that pandemic.

For drag legend Peaches Christ, this year she opened up her private vault of campy horror films spoofs and she’s getting ready for the future by developing all new tv and film projects.

Today Peaches Christ looks back on her year of hell, speculates on which famous horror house she’d love to live in, and her upcoming streaming release of Whatever Happened to Bianca Del Rio.

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FOF #1650 – Clint Eastwood Makes Angry Love to a Chair

It only took a couple of days before someone wrote an erotic story involving Clint Eastwood and a chair.

The hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us to look at the hard ramifications of Clint Eastwood’s strange performance art at the Republican National Convention.

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