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My Head Just Exploded

Best Halloween costume ever?

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New International Drag Day Website Live!

Some people are born to be extraordinary Check out the brand new International Drag Day website! If you are hosting an event then make sure you submit it to the site!

PHOTO: Freddie Mercury Rides Darth Vader

My the fierce be with you.

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VIDEO: The Queens Message To Canada

For our friends north of the border- Merry Christmas and don’t give the queen so much egg-nog.

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VIDEO: Ben Quayle’s Political Ad- Improved

Wait for it! This video is going to enter the league of awesomeness.

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International Drag Day – 16th July 2010

Don’t forget that it’s International Drag Day in less than 10 days! Make sure you go out and celebrate in style, drag it up, go see a show, have fun! That’s what the day is […]

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Make Yourself a Pretty Lady With Rupaul’s Dragulator

Try it darlins… you know you want to.

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The Muppets Cover “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Only the Muppets could make Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” even more fabulous than it ever was.  This was posted to YouTube by Muppets Studio just yesterday.  Watch it go viral!!! My favorite moments – Animal singing […]

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Filipino Inmates Perform “Queen Medley”

Those amazing Filipino prisoners, known for their amazing recreation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller are back at it again with a Queen medley. Can someone explain to me why there are women dancing with the men […]

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