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FOF #2498 – Roll Up for the Vagical Mystery Tour

It’s been six months since millions of people all around the world gathered for the Women’s March to support women’s health care and reproductive equality. While the protest was a huge success, there’s still a lot of work to be done, so why not put on a comedy show?

Today comedian Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, joins us to talk about the Vagical Mystery Tour, where people can hear comedians tell some jokes and join the resistance to help ensure women’s access to healthcare.

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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow- Fox News Says Wisconsin Protests Are a Sign of the Apocolypse

Rachel Maddow shows that Fox news is trying to spin the protests in Wisconsin as a sign of the Apocalypse and that they’ve even brought in a self=proclaimed End Times prophet to try to prove it.

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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow on DADT

Rachel Maddow tries to make sense of where we are at with DADT.

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Magic Crystal Ball Says: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Loses Job in November

Come November there are going to be several elections that will be watched very closely. With the economy down, and the hyperbole running high on both sides, its not too far fetched to predict there […]

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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Asks Where is the Rebublican Prop 8 Outrage?

Rachel wants to know why the Republicans are so quiet on the Prop 8 issue? Is it hard to argue for Prop 8 without sounding like an idiot?

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Rachel Maddow’s “Voice Over Theater” Takes on DADT Training Comic Book

Rachel Maddow, everyone’s favorite lesbian news anchor, took the liberty of having her staff voice the recently uncovered Official Military “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” comic book training guide. As Maddow points out, the policy made so much sense back in 2001 that the military needed to put it into comic book form so people could understand it. Keep in mind that in 2001, DADT was eight years old.

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Femme Rachel Maddow

Who would have thought Rachel Maddow would have been such a femme in high school!  I always imagined her as one the butch tomboys making out behind the lockers.  She always jokes about looking like […]

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FOF #1148 – Release the Pressure

We’re all excited for our live podcast from Steamworks with live performances by some of Chicago’s funniest comedians including Fausto in a low-budget Lady Gaga outfit and Cameron Esposito!

Plus: British meat chips, Sarah Palin and Jamie Foxx cross the Tonight Show picket line, a man becomes HIV-free after a stem cell transplant, Smith students cheer wildly over Rachel Maddow and Shaquille O’Neil takes a turn as an art curator.

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More on the ”Kill The Gays” bill in Uganda via Rachel Maddow

Interview with Richard Cohen, founder of  The International Healing Foundation. She nailed the guy but good. It’s a little long but worth watching.

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Rachel Maddow Shot! (by Sarah Palin’s Book in comedy skit)

Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rogue” actually goes rogue and it’s taking no prisoners in this comedy bit on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show.

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