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FOF #2242 – Walking a Mile in a Drag Queen’s Heels

Our Halloween dressed as superhero versions of our favorite drag queens helped bring a little attention to Cooking with Drag Queens but we only have until Nov. 12 to make it happen.

Joining us is the fabulous Cody Melcher, who had us on his crazy book review podcast Thome Fooley, to talk about why religious fundamentalists feel threatened by LGBT folks using the rainbow as a symbol of liberation.

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IMAGE: Rainbow Book

Gayest book ever!

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NOM Activist: Rainbow is Christian, Not Gay

The crazy hits just keep on coming from anti-gay group the National Organization for Marriage. Their latest blather claims that the rainbow is a sign of the Christian God’s covenant with man, that they had […]

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Rainbow Clouds in Japan

Regardless of what some people say (Westboro Baptist Church) God LOVES Fags, otherwise he wouldn’t paint the clouds with rainbows like he did in Japan. This natural phenomenon occurs when rainbows are reflected on the […]

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