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FOF #2751 – Rebooting the Rainbow Flag

Gilbert Baker, the designer of the rainbow pride flag, considered the flag an unfinished work of political art and encouraged others to design their own versions, like the Leather or Trans Pride Flags, so he never copyrighted the design.

Today designer Daniel Quasar joins us to talk about creating the Progress Pride Flag- how it went viral overnight and why it resonated with people all around the world.

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FOF #2497 – Pride is Coming

We’ve come a long way baby since the Stonewall Riots which sparked the modern LGBT rights movement and even though it’s important to remember how it all began, these days Pride is mostly a party, and that’s ok.

Today, Colette Gregory, a she-larious strong black woman joins us to discuss how to navigate your Pride season festivities and not be ground down into the dirt by the end of it.

Listen as we chat with Collette about why sunscreen is so important, why feather boas are sticky beasts in hot weather and the best way to cop a feel from the hot guy at the parade.

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FOF #2478 – Aladdin is Hotter than Hot

Disney’s Aladdin the musical is now on it’s North American tour, and thanks to the hunky hairy chested men in the show, the musical is hotter than hot in a lot of good ways.

The Middle East meets Hollywood styled show is chock full of gorgeous Busby Berkeley like moments, and many of the eclectic characters draw on drag queen culture.

Today, we take you into Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders and give you a sneak preview into the award winning touring Broadway musical.

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FOF #2242 – Walking a Mile in a Drag Queen’s Heels

Our Halloween dressed as superhero versions of our favorite drag queens helped bring a little attention to Cooking with Drag Queens but we only have until Nov. 12 to make it happen.

Joining us is the fabulous Cody Melcher, who had us on his crazy book review podcast Thome Fooley, to talk about why religious fundamentalists feel threatened by LGBT folks using the rainbow as a symbol of liberation.

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FOF #2154 – Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dixie

Come and get it! Our first episode of Cooking with Drag Queens is up and folks are devouring it.

Today Dixie Lynn Cartwright joins us to talk about the things that didn’t make into the soup- her father’s true relationship with Elvis, her twin brother who is a Christian minister and more about Dixie’s adorable boyfriend actor Curtis Jackson.

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FOF #1929 – Common Mistakes Drag Queens Make

A lot of people think that being an awesome drag queen is all about the hair, make-up and costume. But in reality, being a successful drag queen requires immersing yourself into the audience and picking up on subtle cues.

Today Bob the Drag Queen reflects with us on common mistakes drag queens make, in the club and on the net.

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Manila Luzon wearing the Rainbow Obama T-Shirt

The fabulousManila Luzon wearing the Obama Rainbow T-Shirt! There are only a few left in many sizes, so don’t wait! Order yours now:

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Get the Fabulous Obama Unicorn Rainbow Pride T-Shirt

Who can resist getting this fabulous t-shirt of President Obama riding a unicorn while shooting rainbows out of his hands?

Order yours now and save $10. Sale ends Friday.

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A Tree just for the Gays

The amazing Rainbow eucalyptus tree will definitely make you stop and take another look. Most trees that I know are just brown…or perhaps white as in the birch tree, but this eucalyptus tree is definitely […]

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Backdrop to New York’s First Same Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is now legal in New York and they lit up Niagara Falls like a rainbow to celebrate the happy occasion of the first wedding.

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