Get the Fabulous Obama Unicorn Rainbow Pride T-Shirt

Jun 20, 2012 · 1985 views

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Who can resist getting this fabulous t-shirt of President Obama riding a unicorn while shooting rainbows out of his hands?

Order yours now and save $10. Sale ends Friday.


  1. Here is Marc wearing the shirt!

  2. Here I am wearing the shirt.

  3. I got mine, and it looks awesome!

      • Emmett M. Hogan says:

        Whoops, sorry I missed this! I actually do have a photo but I don’t know how to post it here. Nevertheless, I have two stories to tell about this most epic t-shirt.

        1. Just last night, I was in Walgreens by my house on the far Northwest Side of Chicago, and I was wearing it. The woman at the register got all giggly and said, “I love your t-shirt”; I thanked her and told her all about it, where I got it, why it was made, etc. She continued to ring me up, then she said, “I’m sorry, I can’t stop looking at it.” I pointed to my face and, smiling, I said: “hey, my eyes are up here!” She laughed and then asked if she could take a picture of it with her phone, which of course I let her do.

        2. This t-shirt got me laid in Lisbon. I was in Portugal two years ago and, on my first night in the country, I hit up the gay bars. This hot guy comes up to me and his icebreaker is (in Portuguese) “I like your t-shirt, is that Obama?” Two hours later, we were back at his place.

        Thanks, Feast of Fun, for helping me get some D!


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