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FOF #1607 -The Gay Housewives of New Jersey

Recently, housewife Caroline Manzo’s gay brother Jaime Laurita and his partner Rich Lane tied the knot in a fabulous same-sex wedding that aired on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, becoming one of the highest rated episodes ever.

Today Jamie and Rich, the gay couple that recently got married talk with us about their crazy, colorful lives and what it’s like working for Madonna.

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I Blame Andy Cohen for This

Simon van Kempen, Real Housewives of NYC, is the latest cast member to break out his rhyming dictionary and vomit out a single called “I Am Real.” Red leather pants? Check! Autotune? Check! Popular overused […]

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Yenta Ambition World Tour

Lady Gaga and Madonna hash it out on “Watch What Happens Live” last night. Best way to break up a fight, “Have some Pinot Grigio.” Here’s what: Thank you Andy Cohen for bringing me so […]

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FOF #1151 – Lavender Menace

We met the hilarious Kate Carolan of the Lavender Menace blog at a cocktail party where she was trying to seduce Candace Jordan, the 1979 Playboy Centerfold. Listen as Kate fills us in on all the drama as the gay bar SPIN gets into hot water with lesbian party promoters.

Plus: Yelp faces a lawsuit, the lesbo-licious Law & Order episode with Kathy Griffin, real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak comes out, and warning! Big Red Gum mixed with urine may create a powerful chemical reaction.

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