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FOF #2210 – Rentboy Raid

After 18 years in business as a gay male escort website, the offices of were raided by the Department of Homeland Security. Some folks say the Feds busting Rentboy is reminiscent of the Stonewall-era police tactics of raiding gay bars and bathhouses.

The news should send a shiver down the spine of any small business owner and freelancer.

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George Rekers to Inhabit Ninth Level of Hell

I really enjoyed reading this essay by theologian, seminary professor, and ordained minister Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D.. I don’t really believe in hell but it’s fun to imagine Rekers getting his place right next to Satan.

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George Rekers Luggage Carriers, Inc

It was bound to happen- a Facebook page to mock anti-gay bigot George Rekers and his Rentboy vacation tryst- George Rekers Luggage Carriers, Inc. They are looking for hired hands, and say that “We’ll be […]

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Colbert Takes on Gay Escort/Anti-Gay Preacher Scandal

The Colbert Report I love the hunky camera man!

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