FOF #2210 – Rentboy Raid

Aug 28, 2015 · 1985 views

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After 18 years in business as a gay male escort website, the offices of were raided by the Department of Homeland Security. Some folks say the Feds busting Rentboy is reminiscent of the Stonewall-era police tactics of raiding gay bars and bathhouses.

The news should send a shiver down the spine of any small business owner and freelancer.


  1. Than says:

    Marc, that was the perfect question. Why after 18 years did the feds raid RB? They just now figured out it was promoting prostitution? Bullshit.

    Is this homophobic (rogue) elements within the law enforcement apparatus lashing out against the gay community, is this the Obama administration trying to balance their public perception (legalize gay marriage but criminalize gay sex), or is this the Obama administration trying to force a public conversation about decriminalizing sex work? The conversation has certainly started in the sex-positive media.

    I’m sure RB’s overhead is less than my company, their profit margins must be silly, but I can’t believe that my small business brings in more revenue than RB. That’s crazy. I would have thought they were bringing in mega millions every year.

    Craigslist? This will increase downloads of the TOR browser.

    I use LUSH hand cream. Love it.

  2. colaboy29 says:

    Dear God, Fausto! You start talking about that stupid Blaze/Blade stripper again I am going to stop listening! Give it a rest!

  3. No way!!! I didn’t know what “bitch tits” were. Now Big Dipper’s “Take Me 2 Skool” lyrics make so much more sense, now. 😉

  4. Austin says:

    I have been listening since very nearly the first episode. I have to say, FAUSTO, you need to read and or watch Fun Home. It is HARDLY uneventful and was one of the most amazing things I have read and/or watched.

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