FOF # 2878 – Sick and Twisted Parody Songs from Quarantine

Jun 23, 2020 · 1985 views

Amanda Cohen comedy is contagious. Photo: Greg Inda.

If comedy is born out of tragedy, then parody songwriters have a lot to work with in these trying times.

Today comedian and parody song enthusiast Amanda Cohen joins us to look at some fabulous parody songs stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Amanda regularly hosts Flapper’s Comedy Clubs Speakeasy Comedy Showcase and moderates as a judge on I’m With Stupid – A contest between comedy songwriters Carla Ulbrich & Steve Goodie.

Listen as we take a look at:

Chicago Black Drag Council, an open group of black entertainers and activists host a virtual town hall meeting with several harmful entertainers and management of Chicago’s gay bar scene, resulting in the termination of one of the local scenes most visible drag queens T Rex.

Nobody shows up at Trump’s rally in Tulsa.

The theatrical release of Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights film musical has been delayed till 2021.

Farewell to filmmaker Joel Schumacher, best known for his campy films Car Wash, the Lost Boys and the nipple-tastic Batman & Robin, he died after a battle with cancer. He was 80.

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