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FOF #2625 – Hot for the Monster

While some people would typically scream in horror at the sight of a ghoulish monster, others get horny at the thought getting their freak on with a sexy Sasquatch, assimilating with a Borg Queen or getting the d from the Creature of the Black Lagoon.

Today it’s a special gal pal power hour with Wonkette’s Robyn Pennachia and The Onion’s A.V. Club Katie Rife. Listen as we take a look at the weird and wonderful world of sexy monsters and alien erotica.

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FOF #2565 – We Are Here to Change the World

In 1986 audiences were dazzled by Captain EO, Michael Jackson’s 3-D movie spectacular at Disney’s Epcot Center in Florida. Maybe it’s a bit simplistic, but Michael Jackson’s Rainbow loving Captain might be just what we need today to melt the hearts of tyrants.

Today writer Robyn Pennachia joins us to tackle all the gloomy, scary, nasty news that’s dividing the world and throwing some old fashioned Captain EO rainbow magic to turn the borg queen into Angelica Huston.

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FOF #2057 – Outrageous Music Videos from the 80s

In the 80s, music videos rulel, like totally. Record labels discovered that a great music video could turn an unknown artist into a superstar overnight.

Today we’re taking a look at very gay, very outrageous, truly truly outrageous music videos from the 80s.

Joining us is writer Robyn Pennachia who blogs about culture and politics for

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FOF #1967 – TV Shows Time Forgot

Hollywood loves a good reboot because it’s easy to make money on shows from the past that have an already existing fan base. Sadly too many of these projects flop, ruining the original with the stench of their failure.

Today blogger Robyn Pennacchia joins us to take a look at fabulous TV shows time forgot, when sitcoms and sci-fi were filled with good writing and fabulous theme songs.

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FOF #1923 – Google Glassholes, Trends & Predictions for 2014

In 2014, Big Brother will be your best friend and sexual partner. With wearable tech like Google Glasses, a huge culture clash will erupt between Google Glassholes- people who obnoxiously capture every moment of their lives and people who don’t want to be put out on blast.

Joining us today is blogger Robyn Pennacchia to predict what 2014 will be like by looking at the events and trends that made the headlines last year.

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FOF #1892 – Marriage Equality Comes to Illinois

Good news everyone! It’s official. Illinois lawmakers passed Marriage Equality, beating out Hawaii and New Mexico as the fifteenth state to allow same sex marriage. What took you so long?

Joining us to celebrate is blogger Robyn Pennachia, who covers politics and all sorts of delicious topics for the blog Death and Taxes.

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FOF #1787 – Amy Vanderbilt’s Strange Advice

One of the strangest of these etiquette experts was Amy Vanderbilt, who in her book The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette gave some very unusual advice on relationships, courtesy and money.

Today we’re joined by comedy writer Robyn Pennacchia to talk about the advice Amy Vanderbilt gave out back in the 50s which seems strange by today’s standards.

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