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FOF #1965 – Don’t Hate Me Cause I Make Sexy Movies

Ever since he was a teenager, writer Conner Habib dreamed of being a famous porn star. One day his dream came true, and Conner became a porn star at the age of thirty.

Today Conner Habib joins us to take a look at the gritty, hilarious and sexy world of porn. Why some people just can’t get past the taboo. Listen as Conner blasts some common myths surrounding why people get into the business.

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PHOTO: Occupy Wall Street Condoms

Ridiculous or the best thing ever?

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VIDEO: Madonna’s Nightline Interview From 1990

Do you remember were you were when we saw Madonna’s controversial video “Justify My Love” on the evening news? The video had been rejected by MTV because it showed Madonna kissing a woman, guys in […]

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Fun Safe Sex PSA from France

Warning: NSFW and contains vagine, so if you’re allergic like Robert Pattinson, best not watch. –Via

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FOF #1020 – So You Think You Can Dance?

If you ever dreamed of being a porn star, this is the show for you. Porn director and writer Mike Donner talks about his new book “How to be a Gay Porn Star.” In the book Donner talks about breaking into the gay porn industry and dispells common porn myths. How do they keep it “up” after so many hours on the set? Will America ever get a porn star politician the way Italians now enjoy?

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FOF #913 – Lose the Should, Get the Good

You may not realize it, but the way you think could be sabotaging your life. On today’s show we have marriage and family therapist Damon L. Jacobs here to to talk about his new book […]

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