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VIDEO: Santa’s Demonic Helper Krampus in Action

Folks dressed up as Krampus, the demonic sidekick of Santa popular in Alpine cultures, terrorize the village folk on Dec. 5th, Krampusnacht.

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VIDEO: California Won’t Let Santa Claus Get Gay Married

Time matters and the longer the California Supreme Court waits to decide if gay people can married or not, the more some people will suffer like this couple in this video. Ed Watson, who looks […]

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IMAGE: Unphotoshopped Desaturated Santa Claus

No Photoshop techniques used here- only makeup and costume to create this fantastic look.

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FOF #1267 – The Many Lives of Tracy Tyler

Our tranny gal-pal Tracy Tyler genuinely believes she’s had many past lives. She was once an actor in Shakespeare’s theater company, later a singer at a piano bar in a New Orleans brothel and then a cigarette girl at a swanky club in the 1940s.

Join us as we examine some of Tracy’s past lives and discuss all the hot news.

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Drunk Man Dressed as Santa Scares Kids in Wisconsin

Hilarious! A drunk man dressed up as Santa got out of the car he was riding, went over to some kids asking where his reindeer were. Says 9-year old Katie Dockerty: “He was drunk. He […]

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The Horrors of Christmas- Part 1

Burn baby burn! Santa’s such a HOT mess! I wish there was a video of this giant Santa burning down to ground in Santa Catarina, Brazil. [Via]

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US Postal Service Almost Kills Santa Program

If you write a letter to Santa this year, don’t expect one back with a North Pole cancellation stamp. The USPS has added stricter guidelines to it’s “Letters to Santa” program after a registered sex-offender […]

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FOF #894 – Santa Bear

Santa Claus is the ultimate bear as a jolly plump fella, full of hair, flavor and gifts who is here to bring a sense of fertility and prosperity to the holiday season. On today’s show […]

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