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VIDEO: Best and Worst Sex Ed Narrative Ever

This is a Sundance Film Festival Short Film submission.  It tells the story of a young man’s first experience with a sex ed lesson.  It is a psychedelic tale with an interesting ending, and it’s […]

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VIDEO: The Situation Taunts Bristol Palin With Condoms

How much does Bristol Palin get paid to pretend like she’s not going to have sex until marriage? It’s too much I’m sure. I can’t wait for the sex video.

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FOFA #298 – The Joy of The Wet Spots

Cass King and John Woods stopped by the studio in 2006 to tape a show about how music and sex play into their act called The Wet Spots. Think of them as the sex-ed class you never had but should have had, reincarnated as a jazzy cabaret musical show.

Listen as we hear some of their fantastic music and talk about bisexuality, polyamory, religion and sex.

(Originally posted on 04.27.06)

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