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FOF #1531 – My Mom Thinks I Dress Too Sexy for Facebook!

Why am I in my underwear? Why wear anything at all? Today we’re talking about the pros and cons of sexing it up on your social media page, blog and apps. Are we losing something by baring ourselves or are the prudes just choking on the way society is moving forward?

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Ricky Martin ”Sexy and I Know It” GLEE

Me siento avergonzado de que todos los implicados!

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Video: Scandalicious Hunky Jesus Contest in San Francisco

It was a gorgeous sunny day in San Francisco for the 32nd annual Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Hunky Jesus contest.  The winner takes sacrilege to a new level.

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VIDEO: Egg Porn: Who’s Excited for Easter?

If you don’t think Easter is gay, watch this clip.  It might change your mind. Possibly NSFW.  Definitely funny.

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Eroll Dancing With His Guns

Eroll dancing with his guns!!

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VIDEO: I Could Sure Use Some Ice Cream!

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting kinda hot up in here…

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VIDEO: Dancing Twinks Alert! California Gays ..Um Gurls

Another cute remake of the Katy Perry video.  Really great editing.  These boys are twinkilicious.

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VIDEO – I Think We’re Alone Now – Military Style

As someone else commented when I saw this originally on Facebook: We don’t have to ask– we can already tell! Happy Pride Weekend to all!

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VIDEO: Doing Laundry – Full Load (DIRTY VERSION) NSFW

Swim suit season is fast approaching. Join in on the new sensation! Work on those washboard abs while you do a full load!

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VIDEO: Guys in their Underwear Wish Fausto a Happy Birthday

Brandon Toussant and his pals get into their underwear to wish Fausto Fernós a Happy Birthday with sexy results.

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