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FOF #2822 – Cake Sitting for Peace

Over the past 15 years on Feast of Fun we’ve done some outrageous things which have captured people’s imagination, from refereeing drag queens battling it out to getting folks to sit on cakes as an anti-war and marriage equality statement, we made an impact.

But mainly we just wanted to see butts covered in frosting. Who doesn’t?

Today we’re taking a look at some magical, viral moments on Feast of Fun!

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FOF #2774 – Adventures in Forced Feminization

Gender is so ingrained in us that whenever we see those lines blurred or broken it can be quite thrilling. As much as people love drag it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to playing with gender.

Today, transvestite dominatrix Amy Vodkahaus, joins us to talk about her adventures in force feminizing people for fun and profit.

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Classic Feast of Fun: Sharon Needles Loves Alaska Thunderfuck

Sharon Needles won last year’s RuPaul’s Drag Race and is the most celebrated drag queen from that show. His lover, Alaska Thunderfuck has tried out for the show at least four times and never made it on.

This is their first interview together! Listen as Sharon Needles and his lover Alaska Thunderfuck talk about their relationship, their spooky Haus of Haunt and who wears the stilettos around the house.

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FOF #2648 – Wigstock Reborn

Bouncing back up from a death drop it took 15 years ago, Wigstock came back from the dead at Pier 17 in New York City, rebooted as Wigstock 2.HO.

Today Miss Understood, proprietress of Screaming Queens Entertainment joins us to take a look at Wigstock, then and now. Plus, Neil Patrick Harris touring as Hedwig in a brand new musical show.

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FOF CLIP #2648 – Wigstock Reborn

A clip from podcast #2648 – “Wigstock Reborn” with Miss Understood, proprietress of Screaming Queens Entertainment joins us to take a look at Wigstock, then and now. To listen to the full show, become a Plus subscriber:

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FOF #2020 – Queen Annecy Travels to Oz

While most teenagers dream of becoming friends with the artists they adore, 16 year old Annecy manages to draw the attention of of the world’s top drag queens and even some pop stars. Sharon Needles calls Annecy her drag daughter.

Listen as Annecy chats with us about why teenage girls love drag queens, her photoshoot with Jose Guzman Colon, and pissing on the corpse of the Wicked Witch

FOF #2002 – Surviving Your Pride Parade

Watch your back! Many Pride Parades in the big cities are packed, with Chicago expecting over one million people to show up, many of whom will be drunk and pushy.

Today our local diva Amy Armstrong joins us to take a look a tips and tricks on surviving your Pride Parade and having the most fun out of your celebration.

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FOF #1954 – Sharon Needles is Dressed to Kill

We’re not sure where the rumors of Sharon Needle’s career dying are coming from, but so far, nobody from RuPaul’s Drag Race been able to touch Sharon’s rock star quality and match the passion of her die-hard fans.

Sharon recently tore Texas apart with her sold out shows at SXSW music festival featuring a Lou Reed tribute and got to hang with Deborah Harry and Cee Lo Green. It’s hard to kill a good witch.

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Merry Christmas from Sharon Needles

Once again our prediction of Christmas combining with Halloween is coming true.

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NEWS: Sharon Needles and Alaska Announce Change

It’s always sad to see any couple break-up, but sometimes it’s for the best. Today the Liz Taylor and Richard Burton of drag, Alaska Thunderfuck and Sharon Needles broke off their relationship, changing the word from “boyfriend” to “best friend.” We wish them well and send them lots of hugs.

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