FOF #2020 – Queen Annecy Travels to Oz

Jul 24, 2014 · 1985 views

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While most teenagers dream of becoming friends with the artists they adore, 16 year old Annecy manages to draw the attention of of the world’s top drag queens and even some pop stars. Sharon Needles calls Annecy her drag daughter.

Listen as Annecy chats with us about why teenage girls love drag queens, her photoshoot with Jose Guzman Colon, and pissing on the corpse of the Wicked Witch


  1. For those of you who are naysayers, read this testimonial from Nellie A–

    Dear everybody who has some shit to say about Annecy;

    Fuck y’all. Annecy is not an entitled white girl with internet access. I have been following her for years now, and seen her journey to where she is now. She deserves everything beautiful that has happened in her life lately. Anybody’s life can be called shitty or amazing in comparison to another, but that doesn’t make it so. When you harass Annecy, all you’re doing is proving how desperately jealous you are. Next time you feel like being a fig, work as hard as this girl, and you won’t need to put others down to feel like the best casserole at the party. End rant.

  2. Maxxy Rainbow says:

    Honestly Annecy is the most flawless teen bean queen to ever walk the face of the earth!

  3. DD says:

    Vina – The Green Orion Slave Girl – was my alter ego years ago.

  4. Karen G says:

    I love Annecy’s quirky, one off talent. Annecy is a gorgeous person and will continue to grow and shine. All the nay sayers are just jealous or freaks, or both!
    Annecy has overcome a lot to get to where she is today. She works tirelessly to hone her art, and she will go FAR!

  5. So first you bring up my alter ego, Vina, who was in ST episode “The Menagerie.” Then you make the reference to “Faux Queen.” When I worked in online computing back in the olden days at Leisure LINC/USA TODAY Info Center, I was known as the “FoQueen.” That’s because I could take any type of electronic text and magically format it for online publication, thereby making me the “formatting queen.” Not that being a FoQueen is particularly glamorous but since both terms are pronounced the same, clearly they are HOMOnyms.

  6. Dear Fausto and Mark
    I love Annecy so much!! Oh my gosh, shes so amazing and we have just started talking and she is super duper fabulous! As a 15 year old Australian girl who is obsessed with drag queens (and this podcast) I think she represents this strange, psychotic, awesome fandom very well. She is intelligent and unique, and to all the people that are terrible to her, well their just jealous pricks sitting at home with an internet connection. I don’t like Annecy because she’s friends with Sharon, I like her because of the art she creates and the quality of her character. If I could punch all the people who have been mean to her in the nostrils then I would. She deserves the world. Anyway great show as always x
    Love Evie

  7. jimmyV says:

    Todays show reminded me that are great people in this world and why Marc and Fausto would be great parents have you ever that about adopting?

    Annecy is a beautiful girl, I just wish that there were more drag events outside of the bar, Drag has developed a teenage following maybe do s few Saturday events at the roller rink. Bring in a club DJ provide all you can eat pizza and pop. Let the kids have fun and a chance to see drag in a safe enviroment. Should a 14 year old really sneaking into night clubs to see drag?

    • Stay tuned on the parenting thing…

      Everyone deserves a drag daughter like Annecy, and a mom like DD.

      I totally agree, LGBT culture needs to move more away from bars. Here in Chicago there was an all-ages gay skating monthly event, that was SO MUCH FUN. Sadly they bulldozed down the rink and turned it into shitty condos.

  8. It was interesting to hear Annecy talk! I forget how young she is because her taste is so developed. Her moms is awesome, too!

  9. the only thing more amazing than Annecy is her mom!!!

  10. cassiofm says:

    Im confused… I thought teenage girls were supposed to be annoying… But Annecy is so adorable and smart and funny 😀

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