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FOF #2031 – 17 Years A Showgirl

After 17 years of doing stage parodies of the movie Showgirls, San Francisco drag icon Peaches Christ is still not “too old for that ‘whorey look.’”

Showgirls bombed when it first hit theaters in 1995. Since then the movie has become a cult hit, in part thanks to dedicated and demented fans like Peaches Christ, who keep audiences excited for this oddball camp classic.

Listen as Peaches Christ shares with us some special moments she had with the recently deceased comedian Robin WIlliams.

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PHOTOS: Peaches Christ and Rena Riffel at the Admiral Theater.

Over the weekend, San Francisco cult film icon Peaches Christ and actress Rena Riffel came together to perform a Showgirls tribute at The Admiral Theater, a strip club here in Chicago- it was like slutty Inception in a g-string and high heels. Here are some wicked photos from Friday’s show.

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FOF #1906 – Walking in a Showgirls Wonderland

Although the movie Showgirls bombed at the box office, the director Paul Verhoven’s over the top portrayal of Las Vegas strippers and showgirls quickly became a cult classic.

Listen as Peaches Christ and Rena Riffel join us to talk about the surreal meta experience of performing a Showgirls parody inside a strip club for their B Movie Tribute night.

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FOF #1731 – Movies Every Drag Queen Must See

Everyone is acting a little bit like drag queens these days. With Michelle Obama’s eye roll, female pop divas sick-o-ning costumes and the hit of RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens have gone mainstream. Shade has replaced the word diss, hunties!

Today we’re joined by film maker, drag queen extraordinaire “ Peaches Christ to talk about movies every drag queen must see- films that inspire and capture the very essence of being a fierce drag queen.

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FOF #1603- Puppets Gone Wild

The hilarious Patrick Bristow joins us to talk about playing the gay best friend of Ellen DeGeneres’ character on the 90s sitcom Ellen and also playing Marty Jacobsen, the choreographer in the unintentionally hilarious movie Showgirls.

Now that he’s the host of the hilarious new improv puppet show Stuffed and Unstrung, has the openly gay comedian come full circle?

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If Showgirls Were Star Trek

If the cult classic Showgirls was adapted to the Star Trek Universe, which alien race would play which role?

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FOF #1498 – The Glorious Klingon War on Christmas

Set your phasers on fun! We had a glorious time as guest stars in the Klingon Christmas Carol. Find out about our backstage shenanigans with the Klingons and Showgirls in Klingon.

Plus Rick Perry is the most hated man on YouTube and the Mayor of San Juan’s strange Christmas card explained.

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VIDEO: Hot Guy Drinks $250 Bottle of Champagne

I totally want to party with this guy. Kevin Strahle describes himself as a meathead who can lift anything, but his YouTube channel consists mostly of him eating extreme things, like super hot chili peppers […]

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FOF #1463 – Blond Ambition

Today we’re talking to one of the hottest guys in Chicago, fitness instructor and entertainer bon vivant –Brian Heckler. If you live in Chicago, you’ve probably seen Brian dressed up like a sexy demented clown in street fairs or participated in his popular spin classes where he goes in and out of character and practices his stand up act while his class gets in shape.

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VIDEO: Showgirls/Black Swan Mash-Up

Like Fausto and Marc, I too LOVE the movie “Showgirls.” A friend shared this with me on my Facebook wall and I somehow feel even more gay after watching this amazing mash-up. I never realized […]

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