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FOF #1720 – Like My Photo if You Think I’m Cute

Say Cheese! We all try to put our best face forward with our internet profile photos. But sometimes we scare off others with our strange self-pics.

Today the deliciously awkward Brian Tiberius Sweeney joins us to look at the strange things people do with their online profile photos and the common mistakes we all make when taking a photo of ourselves.

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Bizarre blue man Grindr profile

Someone should tell him not to hold his breath when taking his photo.

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VIDEO: Like Mah Status – Miles Jai Schools You on How to Use Facebook

Some folks do not get it, and have no clue how to use social media. Thankfully there are video bloggers like Miles Jai to school us on why begging your friends to like your status […]

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FOFA #1319 – Trends And Predictions for 2011

Tell us what we got right so far from this show in January where we predict “what 2011 will be like by looking at the events and trends that made the headlines in 2010 and warping them into the future. Ripsters, GagaFlauge, Micro-Fruits, Cash Cats and Temporary Face Lifts, all coming your way.”

Joining us is LA based puppet artist Marsian Delellis- described as “a crazy hall of mirrors on which society can see itself.”

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FOF #1421 – Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Last month, Google launched with great fanfare, its third attempt at social media- Google+, waving goodbye to Google Wave and swatting Google Buzz.

Today comedian and tech pundit Heather Gold joins us to take a look at all the new social networks that are cropping up to compete with Facebook and
why LGBT folks understand social media and SEO more than anyone else.

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FOF #1356 – Collaboration is the Future of the Internet

The future of the Internet belongs to websites that allow interesting folks to do interesting things together, whether it’s for sex, politics, art or just trolling around.

Today comedian Heather Gold joins us to take a look at some new sites for collaborating and how the Internet is changing the way we relate to each other.

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VIDEO: This is a Tribute to the Stars on Facebook

“Good thing for us there’s no cyber STDs.”

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Beard for Your Facebook Profile

Cloud Girlfriend promises to give you a virtual girlfriend on Facebook so you can stay in the closet as long as you like. So now your your fake girlfriend doesn’t even have to be from […]

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RIP: Fab

The gay social network that started out as Fabulis and then became Fab just called it quits and is now starting a Groupon style site offering discounts on design products.

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Courtney Love Settles for Almost Half a Million Dollars for Her Twitter Rants

Better watch what you say on the internet! Courtney Love is paying out of court $430,000 over her possibly defamatory rants against L.A. fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir. I always say “it’s not slander if it’s […]

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