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FOF #2529 – Is This Goodbye?

Chicago has long been the place people come to make something of themselves before moving elsewhere- students, immigrants, and artists all come to the Windy City to work on their craft and when they are ready, they move on, just like Oprah.

Joining us today is comedian Eric Clements to talk about the uproar a “Chicago breakup letter” is causing and why folks are eagerly rushing to defend the city.

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FOF #1859 – May the Odds Forever Be in Your Favor

We got excited when our friend Rob Anderson got cast on the reality TV show “Capture” a high tech version of tag where 12 two person teams compete against each other in the woods of California.

Today the openly gay hunks, Rob Anderson and Jacob Kosher from the TV show Capture join us to talk about their adventure on the show and all the behind the scenes action you don’t get to see.

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FOF #1829 – Black and Blue and Funny All Over

Comedian Jamie Campbell got beaten up on the street after a late night gig, leaving one side of his face heavily bruised. Instead of taking time off to let the bruises heal, Jamie did stand up about his terrifying experience.

Today Jamie Campbell joins us to talk about doing historic musicals in Texas, driving a munitions truck in the army and taking his bruises and turning them into comedy gold.

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RIP: Sally Ride, USA’s First Female Astronaut

Doctor Sally Ride passed away peacefully today at the age of 61. What’s more, her obituary lists her as being survived by “her partner of 27 years”, Tam O’Shaughnessy, a long-time associate who as recently […]

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Europe Asks if It Can Probe Uranus

Excerpts: “One of the big mysteries about Uranus is that it doesn’t emit much heat at all.” Considering the vast distances, we’ve got a decent start on accumulating facts about the seventh planet. But according […]

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Freshly Discovered Earth-Like Planet Orbiting Nearby Star Could be the First Truly Habitable Exoplanet

Someone tell Gaga to hold up on buying that castle—save up to buy this bad boy! Planet Fame!

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Send Your Avatar to the Moon!

“NASA can put humanoids on the Moon in just 1000 days. They would be controlled by scientists on Earth using motion capture suits, giving them the feeling of being on the lunar surface. Back in […]

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