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FOF #2716 – Drag Queens are a Riot

What’s fun about watching drag queens on reality TV shows and on the internet is how we struggle when it comes to comedy. Camp is an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because it’s bad, and when your favorite queen bombs on stage, it’s still funny as hell.

Today, comedian and improv teacher Meg Grunewald joins us to take a look at the unique demands drag queens have for comedy and how they transform failure into something she-larious.

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FOF #2418 – C’mon Get Happy

The past is the past and you can’t predict the future. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow or even on today’s podcast.

Join us as we try to forget about the miserable past few days and look on the brighter side of life with the always sunny and cheerful Brian Sweeney.

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Ricky Martin and Benicio Del Toro Become Spanish Citizens

Spain granted Spanish nationality to out-gay singer Ricky Martin and actor Benicio del Toro. The Spanish minister, José Blanco announced that the two Puerto Rican natives who are “recognized as formidable artists each in their […]

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Christ-Like Calendar Boys

A young men’s, christian association in Mallorca, Spain ( Davallament Youth Association) has put out a 2011 calendar in which they pose in Easter and Passion- like poses in the NUDE and nearly nude. (no full-frontal […]

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VIDEO: Rampaging Bull Injures 40

Watch as this bull escapes the arena and rampages through the crowd in a stadium in Spain.

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Enrique Iglesias Kept His Promise to Water Ski Naked. Or Did He?

You may remember that back in early July, Enrique Iglesias told the BBC that he would water ski naked if Spain won the 2010 World Cup. Well, they won, and he has alledgedly kept his promise. […]

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New Vending Machine Dispenses MEAT!

A 4th generation family butcher shop in Northern Spain, Izarzugaza, likes to keep up with technology. Not only do they have a touch-screen ordering system available in multiple languages, but they just installed a self-service […]

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Video: Attack of the Homophobic Oranges, Short-Film

Fake trailer winner in “El Show del Txistu” in Zinegoak 2010, Spain. The rules are simple: Do a gay-short film in 4 days with an object given by the organization.

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Spanish Priest Advertised Himself as Prostitute and Spent Church Funds on Porn

Samuel Martin Martin, 27, the priest of two small parishes in the central province of Toledo, posted images of himself posing in grey underpants and said he was available for sex sessions with women and […]

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