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FOF #2376 – ¡Viva La Revolución!

Viva is an extraordinary film that captures the struggle of a young hairdresser named Jesus, played by Héctor Medina, who is trying to make it as a drag queen in Havana, Cuba.

Today we chat with Viva’s director, Irish filmmaker Paddy Breathnach about making a film about a young man who is finding his voice in the drag queen scene in Cuba, a country trapped in time.

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FOF #2303 – Wrestling, Bodybuilding and Fashion

As much as Americans love televised professional wrestling, many dismiss the sport by saying it’s “not real” and that the fights are less painful than they look. But nothing is quite as torturous as some of the wrestler’s fashion choices.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins us to talk about fashion and televised wrestling. Cody, whose dad was a championship wrestler and bodybuilder, now writes about fashion in wrestling.

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VIDEO: Learn How to Speak Spanish While Drinking Cocktails

Check out as Lola Von Miramar as she joins Saltina Obama Bouvier and Daphne Dumount to make a Cuba Libre, a favorite cocktail of freedom fighters everywhere, and the Coca Cola corportaion.

If all language courses were this much fun. Tambien se habla Español.

In Chile, “Fag” Means “Woman Beater”

Chile’s new anti-abuse public service announcement surprised me with the use of the Spanish word for “fag” to mean “a man who mistreats a woman.” I guess in Chile “maricón” means “chicken” or “coward” and […]

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