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FOF #2076 – Kim Chi’s Tangy House of Style

Chicago drag queen Kim Chi named herself after the Korean spicy pickled cabbage. Her feathery sense of style combines an Asian esthetic with high fashion. One of her drag gal pals Trannika Rex describes her as Margaret Cho in a funhouse mirror because she’s 6 foot three, out of heels.

Listen as Kim Chi takes us on all you can eat buffet of Korean culture, from Psy’s Gangam Style phenomena, to Asian drag and the gay scene in Kore

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Black Velvet Tribute to Steve Jobs

I painted this two years ago during the beginnings of my obsession with black velvet paintings, and with Steve Jobs’ passing I am unapologetically making an attempt to sell it. Help me continue to afford […]

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PHOTO: Giant Portrait of Steve Jobs Done with Post-It Notes

Touching, beautiful and digital. Although you’ve seen many of the make-shift Steve Jobs memorials found at Apple Retail stores around the world, one group has taken it to the next level at the Munich, Germany […]

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VIDEO: Steve Jobs Narrates Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Steve Jobs also narrated this version of Apple’s famous Think Different ad in 1997 that never aired. It remains to this day one of my personal favorites and represents his vision (and mine) for a different way of thinking.

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People Respond to Steve Jobs’ Death with Images

People are responding to Apple former CEO Steve Jobs with images posted to their social networks. Here are a few I have found but I’m sure more of these will be pouring in as day […]

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FOF #1454 – Say Goodbye to Steve Jobs

Today we salute one of the greatest inventors, tycoons and people of the 20th and 21st century, Steve Jobs. The man who had us say hello to the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes died from complications from a rare form of pancreatic cancer, he was 56.

The future arrived thanks in great part to Steve Jobs.

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Google VS. Apple: Round 4,568

Google and Apple are not friends, let’s be clear. Until recently, with Google’s entrance into the app market/smart phone world with Android, the two companies were not really in direct competition.  But as we all […]

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Freedom From Porn Punks the iPad

People from Freedom From Porn are upset they can’t get porn on their iPad.

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iPhone 4? I pass.

Earlier today at Apple’s Worldwide Web Developers Conference, Steve Jobs officially announced what we already knew existed, the iPhone 4. As these things go, nothing announced really surprised me about the new version of the […]

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FOF #912 – Hot Gay Comic

Just because you’re attractive doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. Writer and comedian Keith Ecker just broke up with his boyfriend six months ago and has worked hard to get in shape and pursue his […]

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