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WCT Article on SXSW Panel

SXSW Interactive: ‘Tomorrow Happens Here’ by Brenda Schumacher “Tomorrow Happens Here”—the slogan to this year’s SXSW interactive, film and music festivals—was not hyperbole. Attending the workshops, films, concerts and parties, one had the distinct feeling […]

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Huffington Post Article on SXSW

SXSW Comes Out: The Annual Conference Gets More Gay Friendly Jamie Wetherbe Web Editor at the “Los Angeles Times Community News” As SXSW Interactive came to a close, critics said the conference has turned bloated […]

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Austin Chronicle Article About the SXSW Panel

Geeking Out How gay community and the interwebs are enjoying a more than civil union BY KATE X MESSER Fausto Fernós Many a late night was spent AltaVistaing, typing in letters, words, phrases. What was […]

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FOF #1159 – Heather Gold Is Gay for the Internet

Today we kick off our series of interviews from deep in the heart of Texas in Austin during SXSW with comedian Heather Gold.

Listen as Heather talks with us about her talk show Tummelvision, the queering of this year’s conference, how Sarah Palin works the internet and why entertainers need social media to keep their audience.

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News Shows from Austin, Texas Coming Thursday

Yeehaw! We’ve been having a grand time meeting lots of great people and making some really great connections at the South by Southwest Media Conference (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. As part of the conference Fausto […]

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