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FOF #1904 – Turkey Tips and Tricks

This podcast is a lot like Thanksgiving dinner- the main course is turkey, and the side dish is stuffing with lots of fruits and nuts. Today we’re taking a look at the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, what secret tips will make your feast fun and fabulous!

Brian Sweeney joins us to also take a look at the new Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, which is being compared to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

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FOF #1488 – Is Lady Gaga Listening To Me?

There’s a lot of fabulous things to be grateful for over Thanksgiving weekend- from the new Muppets film to Lady Gaga’s special “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” which matches closely a lot of the things we asked Gaga to do on the podcast this summer. Is Lady Gaga a listener or just well connected?

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