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FOF #2612 – Chicago’s Weird & Wonderful Secret Spots

As people plan their summer getaways, many folks who enjoy the podcast write to us to ask: “what should I do while I’m in the Windy City?

Joining us to talk about some of Chicago’s hidden gems is writer Jessica Mlinaric whose new book, Secret Chicago: A Guide to the Weird Wonderful, and Obscure is now available.

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FOF #2348A – Eat, Pray, Gay

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the death of our friend and guest of Feast of Fun, George Saint George. George died November 5, 2016 while in his newly adopted home of India. Our hearts go out to all of George’s friends and family.

Listen as we talked with George this past June about his adventures in India. Originally posted on 06.23.16

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FOF #2348 – Eat, Pray, Gay

India may be the land of Kama Sutra, but many of the techniques in the book on how to get jiggy with it could land you in jail. Most recently, India’s Supreme Court undid their landmark ruling and recriminalized gay sex once again.

Our guest today is George St George, who for the past two years has been living in India seeking adventure and exploring the country’s gay culture.

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FOF #2326 – Nothing Compares 2 Prince

Folks are still shocked with the sad news that Prince died yesterday at his Paisley Park residence and recording studio complex, he was 57.

Today, we take a look at the extraordinary life of Prince Nelson Rogers, his genius, his intense religious faith that may have kept him from seeking proper medical care, and his habit of creating music, films and videos that nobody ever saw.

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FOF #1647 – Cruising the Youth Hostels of the World

Writer Tom Gates joins us to talk about his new book “Wayward” which chronicles his adventures traveling the world. His amazing journey took him to South America, Asia and Europe, visiting twelve countries over twelve months

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VIDEO: Richard Simmons Gets You FIT to FLY!

If you’ve been on an airplane, you know the routine:  The crew does their presentation about safety, pointing out the exits and how to use your seat as a life preserver.  Yawn.  Same ol’ thing […]

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FOFA #505 – Gay Guide to Chicago

Why do we need to a show on a Gay Guide to Chicago? We often get the question from our listeners who plan to come to the Windy City for some good gay fun; “Dear […]

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FOF #956 – Stretching Your Gay Travel Dollar

Think you don’t have the money to go on vacation this summer? Think again. Fare wars have driven airline tickets to a record low, as most major airlines are slashing prices to hopefully stimulate the […]

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FOF #793 – Podcast, American Style

Kaboom! On the Fourth of July, I like to make my own special fireworks with my lips and with my hips. I’m feeling just a little bit frisky after all the madness and mayhem of […]

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