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VIDEO: Greetings from Saugatuck

Mmm delicious vodka lemonades! Check out our fabulous weekend at the Dunes Resort in Saugatuck, Michigan with Larry La Fountain and David Charpentier.

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FOF #1235 – Eat Drink Sex

Who needs to Eat, Pray and Love like Julia Roberts when you can recharge all sorts of fabulous ways and have a sexy good time?

Today we’re talking to Scott Gatz, gay dad, internet tycoon and CEO of Gay Cities, the gay travel community and city guide.

Listen as Scott shows us how to use Gay Cities and other social networks to find something amazing to do and so you can shut up about being bored all the time.

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FOF #956 – Stretching Your Gay Travel Dollar

Think you don’t have the money to go on vacation this summer? Think again. Fare wars have driven airline tickets to a record low, as most major airlines are slashing prices to hopefully stimulate the […]

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FOF #793 – Podcast, American Style

Kaboom! On the Fourth of July, I like to make my own special fireworks with my lips and with my hips. I’m feeling just a little bit frisky after all the madness and mayhem of […]

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