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Is GLAAD Trying to Break Someone’s Heart?

I appreciate GLAAD’s activism but I wonder if they really think people will send each other GLAAD Valentines? Could you imagine how heartbroken you would be if this awkward Valentine was the only one you […]

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Valentine’s Day Is National Condom Day!

Confusing sex with love is one of man’s oldest follies so why not have Valentine’s Day also be National Condom Day?

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For Valentine’s Day Lovers

For Valentine’s Day, why not try one of these from the NSFW Gay Kamasutra? With so much pron on the internet do we really need “how to” illustrations to figure out how to do it? […]

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Amazingly Weird and Freaky Valentine’s Day Cards

What passed for cute back in the day is now considered creepy, abusive and downright weird. There’s terribly strange vintage Valentine’s Day cards will surely make you wonder what were they thinking?

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Valentine’s Day ”Leave Cupid at Home” Couples Workout!

Looking for something extra special to do together this Valentine’s Day? You are going to have to burn off those extra chocolate calories somehow right? This couple’s workout is great for anyone that is looking […]

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FOF #1145 – Life After VD

Marriage Equality events were held all over the world this past Valentines Day, including a demonstration in front of Chicago’s Cathedral and a Kiss-In in Paris that turned out violent.

Michael Lehet joins us to talk about about Fox News showing straight folks where to find the sex clubs. Plus, the Blog Swarm, exploding banks, fashion fails and the Trans Siberian Railway now on Google street view.

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Bad Romance- Valentines of Horror

My friend, Solitaire Miles, has been collecting images of rotten or weird Valentine’s Day cards for years. Which on is your favorite? And which one will you give you nightmares?

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Gay Valentines in India

Gay Indians get their own Valentine cards NEW DELHI — Gay Indians can browse for their own Valentine’s Day cards for the first time, with the country’s largest card chain rolling out a small selection […]

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FOF #929 – Sweet, Sweet Candi

Isn’t it an odd coincidence that this year Valentine’s Day lands on the day after Friday the 13th? For many, the romantic holiday is filled with anxiety that often puts relationships under the strain. To […]

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FOF #706 – Love Stories of Joy and Horror

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. For some it’s a great time to celebrate passion and romance, but for many it’s a time to feel lonely and isolated from the world around them. You know […]

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