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VIDEO: Dildo at the Baggage Claim

Paging Peaches Christ, you left your dildo in the baggage claim area. Please pick it up. Would have been nice to see the faces of people instead of the sad lonely dildo nobody will ever […]

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VIDEO: Lady Bunny Wants to Have a Kai Kai

Sisters are doing it for themselves. The reliably raunchy Lady Bunny is back with a new video “Let’s Have a Kai Kai” an original song that explores her desire to have a three way with her drag sisters Bianca Del Rio and Sugga Pie Koko.

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VIDEO: Watch Clint Eastwood’s Bizarre Surprise Speech at the Republican National Convention

Dirty Harry finally met his match: an empty chair. As a suprise speaker at the GOP convention, Clint Eastwood carried on an imaginary conversation with an invisible President Obama seated in a chair next to […]

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Bizarre blue man Grindr profile

Someone should tell him not to hold his breath when taking his photo.

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VIDEO: Hot Guy in Superman Shirt Teaches his Bird to Sing Super Mario Theme

From what I can tell, this guy who really likes Superman has taught his cocktatiel to sing the Super Mario theme song. There’s a lot going on in here. Here’s a better video that shows […]

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VIDEO: Divine David Christmas Masterclass

Hilariously strange, check out British born performance artist Divine David’s twisted Christmas arts and crafts video that puts a couple of bubbles in my eggnog.

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VIDEO: Tim Curry – Anything Can Happen on Halloween

Anything can happen on Halloween, even this rare footage this Tim Curry Halloween Special “The Worst Witch” which he seems to be in constant pain. In interviews the British actor, best known for his portrayal […]

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In Russia, canned food eat you!

Saw this and it gave me nightmares.

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VIDEO: WTF, Parents?!

What are these parents thinking?  First, it’s the little dead squirrel girl, not this.  At least the squirrel was dead!

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VIDEO: Amazing Taxi Driver in Brazil Sings Like Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson may be gone, but his spirit lives on in a taxi driver in Brazil. I can easily see this video going viral, making this cab driver the next Ted Williams.

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