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FOF #2913 – St Sukie de la Croix’s Very British Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a little fairy named Sukie who grew up to see his world change through the impact of Stonewall and the rise of the modern gay rights movement, the AIDS crisis, and the rule of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Today St Sukie de la Croix lifts the veil on his mysterious persona and tells us of his early upbringing in a working class family in post WWII England and partying with Princess Margaret.

Listen as we chat with Sukie about his new book “The Memoir of a Groucho Marxist: A Very British Fairy Tale” which takes us on a magical realist journey throughout his childhood.

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VIDEO: Music Will Bind Us All

This war veteran tells a 2 minute story of how he made his enemy his friend through music

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The Daily Show Investigates the ‘Gay Reich’

That’s right, according to Defend the Family President Scott Lively, the Nazi’s and Hitler were gay.  Last night, Jason Jones of the The Daily Shows dug deeper in an investigative report on Lively’s theory that […]

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Cats That Look Like Hitler!

Sometimes, cats just can’t be stopped. They already own the internet , though they sublease to porn. Now, its clear they may have more nefarious plans.  Like invading Poland. They say there is a gay […]

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Witness Wildness

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. The Feast of Fun has occasionally talked about the Horror genre, but have they ever seen House? Hausu (1977) […]

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