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FOF #2370 – X-Men: Swimsuit Edition

For years, fans of superstar athletes and comic book superheroes have had a love-hate relationship with their ripped bodies. Despite their obvious sex appeal, some folks aren’t liking how Captain America or gymnast Sam Mikulak have been turned into pin-up models.

Today, nightclub community organizer, comedian Adam Guerino joins us to take a look at the very real and imagined world of sexualized super heroes and superstar athletes.

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FOF #2153 – She-Licious

You asked for it, you paid for it, and now you shall receive it in ABUNDANZA! The wait is over folks, Cooking with Drag Queens is officially here! Our new SHE-licious web series that combines two of America’s favorite pastimes: drag and eating.

Listen as we kiki about our fabulous kickoff party, the trials and tribulations of doing a reality TV series on a lemonade stand budget, and our bloody night out with Nicole Paige Brooks

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FOF #1610 – Happy Have Your Photo Taken with a Gay Person Day

Over the weekend and all across the country, a record number of straight identifying people showed up for Pride celebrations or what we like to call “Have Your Photo Taken with a Gay Person Day.”

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FOF #1597- The Beauty Spot that Captured the World’s Attention

While the planet Venus transited the sun, which won’t happen again for the next 105 years, the sky fell in Wisconsin as the bad guys got what they wanted- two more years of Republican control over the state.

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FOF #1590 – Men in Spandex Now Gayer

If you thought men wrestling in spandex couldn’t get any gayer, you were wrong.

With X Men’s Northstar set to marry his longtime boyfriend Kyle, we are joined by cultural critic and comic book nerd Zach Lamm to talk about how comic book culture is embracing diversity more than ever.

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FOF #1394 – Weiner Roast

While you were worrying about Weiner’s wang, a whole lot of stuff went down that the nation has mostly ignored. Judge Clarence Thomas accepts a 100k bribe, Net Neutrality is up for grabs and war marches on in the middle east with the number of deaths till piling up.

Can our democracy handle its insatiable hunger for sex scandals?

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Michael Fassbender in X-Men and Poirot’s Mystery

Here’s Michael in Poirot’s mystery “After the Funeral” looking young and super hot! You can watch Michael in the “After the Funeral” renamed “Those who laid me down” on Youtube about a man who disinherits […]

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‘X-Men: First Class’ Movie Casting Begins

It’s about time for another X-Men movie, don’t you think?  Well you’re in luck!  In the next two years, we’re going to get two new movies. X-Men Origins: Magneto is on cue to hit the […]

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Sir Patrick Stewart (From X-Men and Star Trek TNG)

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart is knighted by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II during an investiture at Buckingham Palace in London, Wednesday June 2, 2010. The Queen is reported to be a fan of the star, who […]

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