FOF #1394 – Weiner Roast

Jun 8, 2011 · 1985 views

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While you were worrying about Weiner’s wang, a whole lot of stuff went down that the nation has mostly ignored. Judge Clarence Thomas accepts a 100k bribe, Net Neutrality is up for grabs and war marches on in the middle east with the number of deaths till piling up.

Can our democracy handle its insatiable hunger for sex scandals?


  1. Andy says:

    Here is the story about a German catholic doctor’s association. They claim they can “cure” the sexual orientation of gays and lesbians with homeopathy, sugar spills to specific. The press called it laughable and that they not only offended gays and lesbian but also their profession and homeopathy.,1518,766281,00.html

    I guess the Catholic church in Germany gets desperate as they lose many members every year, in some small towns they already had to close churches.

  2. Steve2011 says:

    ♫ I’m glad I’m not a Twitter posting Wiener.
    That is what I’d never want to be-e-e.
    For if I were a lying Tony Wiener,
    Republicans would now be eating me.

  3. Sid says:

    about the Manila and Shangela coupling… actually Manila and Sahara (season 2 contestant i think) are a couple. I think they are adorable together. love ya, sid

  4. Barrett says:

    Magneto was a babe. I could have watched him hunt Nazis for three hours. The white polo, the wetsuit… Woof.

    January Jones took the X-Men’s HBIC and turned her to wood. Emma is AMAZING in the comics. She’s a gay-geek icon.

    I think Weiner looks good. He was probably evasive to spare his wife who works for Hildawg.

    “Concentration camps?” *collar tug* Eeeek.

    But I wonder when “brainwashing” is going to become a human rights violation in contexts we don’t think of as brainwashing. It happens all the time with high school retreats and juvenile delinquent programs. It’s depressing.

    • According to Mexico and Costa Rica, they think the camps violate human rights, but here in the U.S.A. mormons are so in control they let them get away with horrific acts of cruelty, abuse and rape. I think they are breaking the law, but sadly minors don’t have much of a voice if their parents are being manipulated by these churches.

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