Paris Kiss-In and Violent Attack

Feb 14, 2010 · 1985 views

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I translated this from this article that appeared on Yagg. All went well- almost.  Dozens of people gathered Sunday February 14 at14:00, near the fountain Saint-Michel, with about thirty couples kissing at the Kiss-In against […]


  1. How romantic! And in Paris of all places. Whooo! Happy V-D everyone.

  2. This just goes to show that fundamentalists – whether they are from the sign of the cross or the crescent – are a brutal, murderous group that should be contained. The only difference between radical muslims of the kind that run the theocracy in Iran and Christian fundamentalists in the West is that, fortunately, so far, the latter did not have a chance to take over and run their own brand of theocracy.

  3. Mary Hayes says:

    I hope that in my own country (US), people wake up and realize that for all the anti-Muslim rhetoric from right-wing Christians here, the latter have much more in common with what they call “Islamofascists” than many people realize. IMO, the superficial hostility is more a matter of defending turf than any real difference.

    If the Nazi salutes are any indication the masks are slipping, in Paris at least.

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