Teen Lesbian Sent to Fake Prom Plus Full Length Horror Classic Film: Carrie

Apr 5, 2010 · 1985 views

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Constance McMillen, the teen girl who wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom was directed to a fake prom while her classmates had their own prom organized by the parents at an undisclosed location. […]


  1. Wow! What a shock! The parents and students wound up blaming Constance for the cancellation of their prom instead of the school district which did the canceling. Way to show your solidarity for your discriminated classmate, guys! It’s a memory that I hope lasts a lifetime!

  2. matt cameron says:

    i’m always amazed at how much effort people will put into being assholes — if only they could put that much effort into something that contributes to society

  3. We are busy passing laws preventing bullying, but what happens when it is not your peers, but their parents and the school system? I can only pray that with all of the publicity Constance knows that she is not alone and there is a big, happy, gay world outside the suffocating confines of that small town.

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