Does the Red Carpet Match the Drapes?

Dec 10, 2010 · 1985 views

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If you’re not famous and you run into Kathy Griffin at an Awards show, she’ll quickly brush you under the red carpet. Remember: The way to Kathy’s heart is through her mother. Tip it!


  1. Curtis says:


    Your posts are intriguing but need more details. They’re kind of non sequiturs. You’re a big blog tease!

  2. Joeywood says:

    I recently attended a book signing for Kathy Griffin and her mom’s new book TIP IT! Weeks later, I spotted them during red carpet arrivals at The Emmy Awards. When I approached Kathy to say hi, and she was cold and standoffish. She snapped at me, “Hi, what do you want?” Like I’m in hurry, why the hell am I talking to you–piss off! So I threw shade right back at Kathy and focused my attention on her mother. I reminded her we met and Barnes & Noble and how much my mother LOVED the autographed copy of her book! I gushed about the fact that she was now a published author and that Kathy must be SO PROUD! She was so warm and chatty with me, Kathy finally came around and agreed to snap a few picture with me. What can I say, Moms love me!

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