Mormons in Salt Lake City don’t like gay public displays in front of their temple.

Nov 4, 2009 · 1985 views

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I hope this wasn’t already posted. I couldn’t find that it had. This has to be one of the funniest segments on Colbert Report.


  1. Awesome. I followed this story closely and the church was totally in the wrong. They know it. That’s why the city prosecutors dropped the case.

    This video was pretty funny.

  2. Blueboi says:

    I’d be perfectly OK with two Mormons trespassing all over my couch. 😀

  3. Andy says:

    😛 Love the video. So how about a gay kissing event in front of the Mormon Church?

  4. @Andy They did do that. Two of them actually. I really wanted to go, but couldn’t make it to SLC.

  5. If I remember right it had a pretty big turn out.

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