FOF #259 – Naked Love

Mar 3, 2006 · 76205 views

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One fine day, Debbie Moore and her lover Nina decided to see what would happen if they went for a walk around the block naked arm in arm. What they discovered deeply impacted both of […]


  1. beland says:

    Ug, this interview was painful to listen to at points. Moore speaks a lot in touchy-feely (often literally) metaphors or in other indirect ways and sometimes I wonder whether she’s actually saying anything at all. At certain points, she sounds like she’s on some sort of drug. Like when she started explaining how in cold weather, she feels warmer when she takes her coat off and moves around…slowly and…tenderly. I suppose she fits in pretty well in Berkeley, where she probably won’t keel over of hypothermia, unlike other parts of the country.

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