Sen. Orrin Hatch’s Horrifying Eight Days of Hanukkah

Dec 16, 2009 · 1985 views

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There’s so many things wrong with this, but why am I having a hard time putting my finger on it? Still, I think it’s a catchy song. If you listen closely at the end, Orrin’s […]


  1. David says:

    I lived in Utah for more years than I care to remember – most of them as an ex-Mormon. And I was the organist at the Synagogue for 11 years in SLC! But I never recall seeing “Snatch” sneaking in to learn about Hannukah, nor was I aware of his musical “ability” in the sea of Mormon Osmond wanna-bes. He’s looking more like bush in his old age. Snatch and Bush together – now there’s a good idea for a blue musical comedy.

    BTW, that little vial around his neck that he flashes contains “consecrated oil” which devout mo men wear in case they happen upon the scene of an injury, so that they may bless the afflicted and annoint them with said oil. NOT the same as the burning oil in the Hannukah lights that I can figure so that was just odd! hmmm… I wonder how many have used the oil to annoint themselves when caught without lube? Oh the shameful guilt that would follow such an act!!

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