VIDEO: Wisconsin Candidate for Lt Gov Calls Gay Marriage a “Fiscal Backbreaker”

Oct 26, 2010 · 1985 views

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So rights are denied because it’s too expensive? How much does it cost to have women vote?

She also wonders what people will marry next- a table, a clock, a dog?


  1. Mike Riggenbach says:

    the face of pure evil

  2. Tom Goss says:

    Not the Wisconsin I know and love.

  3. I really don’t get where all of these conservative white women are coming from. I am so ashamed of this crap. 🙁

    • seawall says:

      They’re not entirely a new breed–Phyllis Schlafly is a conservative white woman born in 1924, who managed to raise a family and hold down a career as a lawyer and author, only to turn around and fight things like the ERA and other “feminist conspiracies” that would help more women achieve lives like her own. It’s insane. I can only imagine it stems from very deep-rooted self-loathing. Oh, and she’s also anti-gay, but that’s not surprising: misogyny and homophobia seem to go hand in hand for most people.

  4. wowboy says:

    OMG i always feel so confused when i hear people say things like this stupid lady just did. i don’t understand why they just can’t think logically. i don’t understand what they have against gays? i feel so confused. There is no logical reason for her or anyone else to be opposed to our rights. i feel like i am in an episode of Twilight Zone or something. Actually tonight in a class of mine i overheard some other students making some homophobic statements. it threw me for a loop because i am just not used to hearing such uninformed, hateful, and just plainly stupid comments. i gave them all the evil eye of death and immediately they shut up and one of them became so embarrassed. i wonder how many people say homophobic comments when they think a gay is not listening. it really makes me very very sad to see that politicians think our rights are a debatable issue. why are so many americans so ignorant?

  5. seawall says:

    I have to say, anyone who honestly views a partnership between two equals as the equivalent of a human plus an animal, child or object? Does NOT have a firm grasp on the concept of consent, and I don’t want them anywhere near me. 🙁

  6. Derek says:

    This is so flawed . . . “We just don’t have the money to be giving out the extra benefits right now . . . It’s a fiscal backbreaker” I love how she sidesteps her personal beliefs and goes straight to a “Well we just can’t afford it” argument.

    So, what she’s essentially saying is, Wisconsin has already mismanaged their tax dollars into a huge deficit and extending benefits to straight people (that they cannot afford) is ok however the gays is just too much . . . So if all the gays would suddenly become straight that would be too much too right?

    Perhaps they need to look into why they’re giving benefits to anyone. If the system would be strained past it’s breaking point (It’s already well past it’s breaking point, I don’t think this would make any difference) they need to look at legitimate reasons why it’s there. Less programs? Higher taxes? What’s needed. Don’t play this game of “Sorry GLBTs . . . I know you pay your taxes but we just can’t afford you”

    • Derek says:

      “We’re sorry but our state has spent itself into a hole. Because of this we just can’t afford to give you the same state benefits as the straight couple in the same tax bracket as you” How’s that for elitist special rights?

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