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FOF #2643- Delovely Dominique DeGrant

She smells like cotton candy and she looks like a million bucks, but Wisconsin queen Dominique DeGrant also known as “the Pinkening” because she’s what? – sickoning and she’s always in pink, joins us to talk about how she balances her silly campy side of drag with her more sophisticated pageant side.

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FOF #2494 – Eye Candy Elliott Returns to Sweeten it Up

One of our most popular guests last year was the barista from our local coffee shop who we discovered was wrestler Eye Candy Elliott. Since we first had him on, Eye Candy has become quite a sweet sensation in the Midwest grappling scene.

Today, Eye Candy Elliott joins us talk about his recent adventures in wrestling, why it’s more fun to be the bad guy, and why naughty wrestlers need love too.

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FOF #1597- The Beauty Spot that Captured the World’s Attention

While the planet Venus transited the sun, which won’t happen again for the next 105 years, the sky fell in Wisconsin as the bad guys got what they wanted- two more years of Republican control over the state.

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Quirky St. Patrick’s Day Tradition

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing- -and to inform you of a strange St. Patty’s Day celebration in New London, WI: the St. Patrick’s Day […]

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VIDEO: Daily Show Camel Disaster

The good folks at the Daily show thought it would be a great nod to the protests in North Africa if they brought a camel to the protests in Wisconsin. But it didn’t work out […]

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VIDEO: Wisconsin Candidate for Lt Gov Calls Gay Marriage a “Fiscal Backbreaker”

So rights are denied because it’s too expensive? How much does it cost to have women vote?

She also wonders what people will marry next- a table, a clock, a dog?

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