Sneak Peek: Alaska Thunderfun Backstage at the Drag Queens of Comedy

Sep 7, 2017 · 8789 views

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One of our all-time favorite drag queens is Alaska Thunderfun, who we had the pleasure meeting way back when she was living in Pittsburgh dreaming of getting on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Since then, ‘Lasky has blossomed into one of the hottest queens around, with sizzling fierce looks and razor sharp wit to match. Being known as a queen who turns trash into treasure, Alaska can make a garbage bag or crumpled up dollar bills into haute couture.

Remember when we made baked Alaska with Monsoon sauce?


  1. teacher44 says:

    Just watched the rest of this video that you posted for donors. So much fun- Alaska is so genuine and every syllable out of her mouth is entertaining. I can’t wait to see the rest of your bts footage from the Drag Queens of Comedy. If ensuring the future of Cooking with Drag Queens isn’t enough incentive, it’s worth being a donor to get to see these interviews. BTW, loved your latest episode with Cynthia!

    • Thank you so much! One of the great aspects of Cooking with Drag Queens is being able to be among the first to shine a spotlight on amazing artists and showcase their talent. We’ve believed in Alaska and Cynthia long before they ever made it on Drag Race, so it’s always been such a joy to see their careers blossom and grow. We like to think of Feast of Fun as an incubation chamber for tomorrow’s big LGBT stars. With your support, we can do it! <3

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