FOF #283 – The Man Who Put the F.U. in Funny

Apr 6, 2006 · 47899 views

Bruce Vilanch put the F. U. in funny for a lot of folks.
And boy does he on todays podcast! Bruce comes on the show today to talk about why he’s coming to Chicago in May, why the Academy Awards blackballed Brokeback and where he keeps all his t-shirts.

Bruce started his career as a journalist in Chicago, after trying to make it as an actor. His career took off as a comedy writer when stage comedy legend Bette Midler hired him to “punch up” (write jokes) her act. He later moved to Los Angeles where he wrote for television shows like Cher’s post-Sonny tv variety hour titled “Cher” (imagine that!) He also wrote a lot of material for Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin and Joan Rivers. And of course, Bruce Vilanch is the man behind most of your favorite jokes that appear on the Oscars and the Tony award ceremonies. He makes these shows watchable. We think that next year he should hold his jokes hostage and demand that a gay man host the ceremonies. It’s the least he can do after the tragdy of having “Brokeback Mountain” lose to “Crash.”

He took over the part of Edna Turnblad from Harvey Fierstein in the popular Broadway hit “Hairspray” and talks about John Travolta taking on the role for the film adaptation of the brodway musical adaptation of the original film. Whew.

Bruce will be in town on Memorial Day Weekend to host the International Male Leather Contest.This “leather get together” is a must for leather and fetish fanatics. It’s always amazing to see a fancy hotel like the Palmer House Hilton overun with Leather men, slaves, domanitrixes, and all sorts of assorted sexual freaks from all over the world. Yes, we’ll be there to cover the event again.

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